A decade or two ago, every office used humongous amounts of paper for every single step of any given process. However, the digital world has been and will continue to lead the way of a more efficient business process cycle. 

The FileVision system is more secure, cheaper (in the long run), quicker and way easier from a user perspective. That is the power of going digital. When housing authorities started entering the electronic/digital management world, it solved many problems that are faced daily and tremendously improved the accuracy of the entire process.

3 Reasons your Office Needs to be Paperless

The overall overhead cost was reduced, cries of tampering and misuse were decreased and most importantly, all a user has to do is follow a checklist, essentially reducing the risk during government audits. 

Our FileVision platform is easily integrated into current HMS software, allowing for a more efficient use of time and resources—FileVision fills the gap in those systems, providing a back end management tool. 

Sometimes the biggest question is “Why switch and go paperless—we have no current problems” Here are 3 reasons why your department needs to become paperless: 

1. Centralized data repository 
By creating a centralized data location, your organization has access to any file, from any department. In addition, by granting permission levels as needed-- the risk and ownership are on an as needed basis. Multi-location departments have access at all times to any document they may need to complete a process and put a check mark next to a completed task/form. With a time stamp and ownership of that task, reducing travel time, risk, and workload.

2. Integration for simplified workflow
The need for systems integration has never been more important. The technology is there, but it must be a priority for all stakeholders to move it forward. The future of tenant requirements and organizational mandates depends on it. To manage operational data for all of their tenants, comply with various regulatory and internal reporting requirements, and capturing sensitive data, an integrated system allows information related to each process to be handled in the safest way possible.

3. Security
The reasons here could go on for miles but security of data stored in a centralized, encrypted environment is far more secure than any filling cabinet. Access controls like passwords and PIN numbers, help limit access to sensitive information; Securing your stored information means your financial information cannot be read or understood except by authorized individuals; An audit trail, which records who accessed your information, what changes were made and when.

Why wouldn’t you want to take control of your paper oriented process and go digital with FileVision? FileVision has been implemented across numerous housing authority departments with complete success in effectively managing documents and processes. What distinguishes FileVision from its competitors is that it’s easy to use interface, implementation process and uncompromised functionality for every internal need of a housing authority. 

The world is going paperless. Are you?

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